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W.T.C. Products B.V. is an experienced thiourea supplier from the Netherlands. We are a small organisation with a large network of suppliers. This means that we can distribute all sorts of chemical, natural and biological materials at competitive rates within a short amount of time.

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Thiourea is most used as a reducing agent in multiple chemical reactions, the most well-known example being a fixing agent used in photography in which it tones photographic prints. Additionally, it has various industrial uses, such as the creation of flame retardant resins, and medicinal uses, for example as an antioxidant or for the treatment of infections. So, thiourea has multiple uses in various industries. You can easily buy it with us as your supplier of raw materials.

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Would you like to order thiourea or other products? We offer different kinds of chemical products such as bicarbonates. You can also order phosphate at our trusted supplier. Place your order now. We store the materials we offer in a storage facility in Spijkenisse, close to the port of Rotterdam. This means we can distribute our orders throughout Europe and overseas quickly and efficiently. Do you have any questions about the services that we offer as a trusted thiourea supplier? Do not hesitate to contact us by phoning (+31) 71 580 24 57 or by sending an email to

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