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Borate is best purchased at W.T.C. Products B.V., a trusted supplier from the Netherlands with years of experience with chemical, natural and biological materials used in various industries. We are a small company with a large network of suppliers, which enables us to be flexible in our services and our prices.

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Borate, one of the many products that we offer as a trusted supplier of raw materials, is a natural material that plants need to grow. It is also a valuable asset in a healthy diet and to maintain an acceptable standard of living. Borate is present in plant-derived food, so you consume this mineral automatically when eating this type of food. Additionally, borate is used in detergent and products for personal care, and it also has various industrial uses. So, you can use borate for various uses within multiple industries. The same can be said about our other products, such as phosphate or sulphur.

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ISO Certificering

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Do you want to order borate or other products at a trusted supplier, but would you like to know more about the prices first? Please request a quotation to find out more. You can reach us by phoning (+31) 71 580 24 57 or by sending an email to Request a quotation now and discover the competitive prices of borate at a trustworthy supplier.

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